Good WordPress websites are made by following sequential procedures including planning, strategy, and careful execution. Design and development of a proper website having better look and feel require some important steps.Designing itself is an art which makes you feel better while going through any random website. Here are 10 rules of website development while making a website for any purpose.

1. Design based on Customer requirement

Whatever we design or create, we should always keep in mind the requirement of the customer.If we don’t understand the customer requirement properly then we may fail to achieve customer satisfaction.Hence the result may not be productive.So the design should be solely based on the customer requirement.One more thing to mention is that different customer will have different requirement so we should be able to create a variety of designs in order to be at the paramount in the cutting edge technology. It is a vital point of 10 rules of website development.

2.Making unique brand recognition

Nowadays most of the businesses are availing the online platform which enables the business operation across the globe.While so many businesses run online it is our dire need to create our brand identity online.Creating unique online presence has become the need of the hour.By creating a unique brand identity we mean -providing a proper address, contact no, email address.To increase the identity factor online we need to be very specific with “About us” section.We need to brief ourselves well to create a better impression of our business.It is that part of the website which every user will go through. A meticulous approach is required for creating a unique identity.It is the second most important point of 10 rules of website development.

3.Device friendly design.

With the advent of numerous handheld devices coming up in the market it has become necessary to make a website which should run efficiently on all websites. Not only the functionality we also need to make sure that the web pages provide a great look and feel to the customer so that it is interesting to go through the website in any mood. One more important point of 10 rules of website development is that we should design a website for different kinds of web browsers as well so that it can run on any browser like chrome, firefox, opera mini, safari.

4. Consistency in design

Design consistency is one of the important aspects of WordPress website design that you should know if you want a good website. With a consistency in design, the visitors will enjoy a consistent user experience while surfing the site. A consistent design enables a user to go through the pages easily. Consistency in design is a key aspect of 10 rules of website development.

5.Proper Use Of Colors And placement of Images

While making WordPress website design, making the first impression well should be our priority. The first impression of the website can either increase the audience for our website or can lose them.So it is needed to make the design very eye-catching that can be achieved by proper use of color and images. You can also use visual tools like videos, animations, infographics or audio to make your website more appealing.This is nonetheless an important point of 10 rules of website development.

6.Simplicity of design

It is important when designing a WordPress website that it should be impressive but this does not mean that you should flood your website with a number of features and design elements – this will only make the design appear confusing, which is boring for the users. Apart from it, too many features will only make the design useless, which will affect the performance negatively. So, when you are building a website for your business, make it clear to your Web Development Company about your requirement.This is a highlighted point of 10 rules of website development.

7.Easily accessible features

For any user, nothing is more annoying than trying to navigate through a website with too much effort.Effortless surfing of through the webpages can not only save the time of the user it will also help a user to gain more insights from our website increasing the user experience.This is a highlighted point of 10 rules of website development.

8.Clear And Transparent Calls To Action

Calls to action are an important design element that can help to boost your website’s lead generation and conversion rates. As such, you should ensure that your website is designed with clear and persuasive calls to action that will persuade the user to take the intended action. On top of that, the calls to action should be designed with conspicuous colors and placed in a strategic location – easy to find and hard to miss.This is a highlighted point of 10 rules of website development.

9.Providing High-Quality Content

Content is one of the top design elements and it should never be less considered when designing a WordPress website. With good content, you can be able to involve your website visitors with ease. Content’s quality will also help to improve the search engine rankings of a website, making your online brand highly visible. So when you are building your website, make sure that you also invest money in best content creation services that will give you with proper quality, real content for the web pages. This is a highlighted point of 10 rules of website development.

10.Design With The Latest Trends And Practices

One of the important rules for WordPress website design is to stay updated. It means that when you are creating a website, you should maintain latest technology, practices, and trends being used. If you do it, you will be able to keep your website in peak condition on the internet. By using the latest design practices you will be able to make your website more competitive, which can be a real advantage for your online brand identity. This is a highlighted point of 10 rules of website development.

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